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The Rising Trend of Hash Holes in Cannabis Culture

In recent years, the cannabis industry has witnessed the emergence of numerous innovative products, but none have captured the imagination of connoisseurs quite like the hash hole. As LA Magazine aptly puts it, “Potent and flavorful, hash holes are the champagne of pre-rolls for cannabis connoisseurs.” Let’s delve into what makes hash holes a rising star in cannabis culture.

Displaying a hash hole with light burn marks
Photo courtesy of Fidels

What’s a Hash Hole?

At its core, a hash hole is a masterfully crafted pre-roll that combines high-quality flower with a streak of hash, such as Live rosin, running down the center of the joint. What sets it apart is its unique donut-like construction. As the joint burns, a captivating hole forms at its heart, releasing a cascade of concentrated cannabis oil with each inhale. This ingenious rolling technique elevates the smoking experience, intensifying the effects and flavors in a way that traditional joints can’t match.

The Charm of Hash Holes

Hash holes offer a heightened experience to cannabis enthusiasts, particularly those with a preference for higher THC levels. Each puff from a hash hole is akin to uncovering a delightful surprise – a burst of intense flavor and potency that keeps smokers coming back for more. It’s this combination of innovation and quality that has made hash holes a sought-after choice among discerning cannabis users.

The History of the Hash Hole

This unique joint style was dreamt up by Shant Damirdjian, aka Fidel, during a trip to Europe’s largest cannabis event, Spannabis, in 2018. Inspired by European hash use and surrounded by industry veterans, Fidel crafted the hash hole back in Los Angeles. The design involves a sliver of hashish nestled in the heart of a pre-rolled joint, boosting both potency and flavor. Shared on Instagram, Fidel’s creation quickly gained traction, becoming a symbol of innovation and a new niche in the pre-roll market. The hash hole’s story is one of continual evolution, showcasing the creativity and adaptability of the cannabis industry. So, here’s to the hash hole, blending traditional smoking methods with innovative techniques for an enhanced user experience.

Someone layers a streak of badder over cannabis flower with unrolled papers
Photo courtesy of High Times

Roll Your Own Hash Hole

For those adventurous souls who prefer a DIY approach, rolling your own hash hole is an art. It involves carefully layering high-quality cannabis flower and concentrate in a joint paper. The key is to ensure the concentrate, typically a live rosin badder, is placed in the middle. Precision is paramount here to maintain the structure that enables the hash hole effect.

Quality Matters

When it comes to hash holes, the quality of the ingredients is paramount. Choosing the best strains of weed for potency and flavor, coupled with a top-tier cannabis concentrate, can significantly elevate the hash hole experience. Stop into the Sweet Spot and ask a budtender for suggestions, or consider purchasing a pre-made hash hole.

Experience the Magic of a Professionally Rolled Hash Hole at the Sweet Spot Dispensary

If you’re eager to experience the unique appeal of hash holes, The Sweet Spot Dispensary has you covered. However, you should hurry, as supplies are currently limited due to the nature of these babies being handmade. We carry brands like Dunkz, which are hand-rolled by @brunorolls with Kalya Live Rosin, and a few by Holy Water rolled with its own incredible Live Rosin. The nature of this high-quality, hand-rolled treat means it can be pricy and has a limited supply, so don’t wait to stock up.

Don’t worry—we will be stocking our shelves with more soon. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we are in stock. Also, The Sweet Spot has been known to have brands like SkyPack host professional hash-hole rolling events. Stay Tuned for more details on our next event.

Let the Sweet Spot guide you into the captivating world of hash holes. It’s not just about trying a new way to smoke; it’s about immersing yourself in the nuanced flavors and robust potency that only a hash hole can deliver.


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