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Fresh Drop: Suprize Suprize & Royal Key

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Enter the world of Surprise surprise, a native California art and cannabis culture-inspired project that brings together a diverse array of niche farmers and artists under one brand. With a focus on collaboration with small boutique and regenerative farms, Suprize Suprize is dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage.

Suprize Suprize, believes in enhancing the cannabis experience by intertwining artistry with quality products. Many of the meticulously curated micro-batches feature a piece of art, providing a unique gallery experience alongside premium hash and flower.

Some of their offerings:

ROLLS: Crafted from Living Soil-grown AAA cured flower, these rolls offer a flavorful pre-roll experience. Each roll is freshly ground, hand-rolled, and immediately sealed in a compostable bag for maximum freshness. With a smooth smoke and a light, white ash, these pre-rolls are designed to delight the connoisseur.

HASHIES: Elevate your smoke with our Live Hash-infused Rolls, offering a more potent experience. Infused with live hash, these rolls deliver a powerful punch, perfect for those seeking an extra kick.

LIVING SOIL GROWN INDOOR FLOWER: Indulge in our hand-trimmed indoor flower, cultivated in living soil beds. With a focus on quality and flavor, our flower boasts a smooth smoke and a clean, white ash finish. Designed to please the discerning connoisseur, our top-shelf flower is offered at a great price.

Experience the Suprize Suprize difference—where artistry meets quality in every puff. Find them at the Sweet Spot and elevate your cannabis experience today.


Shop Suprize Suprize at the Sweet Spot Dispensary

Discover Royal Key, a legacy boutique microbusiness nestled in Humboldt, California. With a focus on cultivating the highest quality indoor flower in living soil, Royal Key is your destination for premium cannabis.

Royal Key is dedicated to constant innovation, seeking unique genetic expressions and terpene profiles. As a company operated 50% by female owners, they pride themselves on a commitment to excellence and sustainability.

What sets Royal Key apart is its living soil cultivation method. Mimicking nature’s wisdom, they create a rich ecosystem of minerals, microbes, and beneficial bacteria, enhancing flavor and quality. The sustainable approach ensures a rich, flavorful experience while minimizing environmental impact.

At Royal Key, you’ll find a curated menu of whole-cured flower and solventless live rosin, all crafted under one roof for unparalleled quality and consistency. Experience the essence of premium cannabis at the Sweet Spot with Royal Key.

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