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Wyld Wednesdays – B1G1 for $1
Wyld Wednesdays – B1G1 for $1

Wyld Wednesdays are here! Whoa, man! You ever get that feeling like… you want more of the good stuff but without emptying your pockets? We gotchu! Hence forward, Every Wednesday, we’re vibing with this rad deal.

Buy any Wyld edible, and score another for just $1 while supplies last. 🤯

Dive deep into that chill Wyld flavor and double up on the vibes without doubling down on the cash. Whether you’re a Wyld regular or just curious, this BOGO for $1 deal is… cosmic. 🌌

  • Available every Wednesday at both locations
  • Discount applied in-store at the time of pick-up and cannot be applied with other offers

Don’t space out and forget. Let’s get real Wyld together! 🛸💨

BOGO DEAL for $1 every Wednesday from Wyld Cannabis brand

BOGO DEAL for $1 every Wednesday from Wyld Cannabis brand


About Wyld

Founded in 2016, Wyld started as the brainchild of three college buddies in a modest farm building in Central Oregon. Today, it stands as America’s top-selling cannabis gummy brand. But what makes Wyld truly special?

At its core, Wyld gummies blend authentic fruit taste and cannabis craftsmanship. Crafted with real fruit ingredients, they promise a true-to-fruit flavor and a unique experience with every bite, thanks to the combination of cannabis extracts, botanicals, and fruit terpenes. Ensuring consistent dosing and flavor, each gummy contains THC, and some even feature “minor cannabinoids” for enhanced effects.

But Wyld isn’t just about cannabis; it’s a testament to quality. The brand’s growth has been fueled by its unwavering commitment to quality, operational excellence, and fostering deep-rooted partnerships with retailers and budtenders since its inception. Their dedication to product quality is evident, with a team of food scientists and quality experts continuously refining the gummies to ensure they’re the best-tasting edibles on the market.

With a heart as big as its ambitions, the brand remains steadfast in its responsibility to society and the environment. As champions of positive change, Wyld supports causes close to its heart, from racial and social justice to environmental conservation. This commitment is also reflected in its recent achievement: becoming the first cannabis company to be Climate Neutral Certified. A testament to its year-long effort to measure, offset, and reduce its carbon footprint.

In the words of Forbes, “Meet Wyld, The Edible That Devoured America”. But beyond the edibles, at its essence, Wyld is more than just a candy – it’s a culture. A culture that believes in authenticity, quality, and the promise of a better, greener tomorrow.


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Sep 13 2023


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