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SOG Army Demo 2/24
SOG Army Demo 2/24

Experience something new and discover SOG Army’s revolutionary cannabis products at the Sweet Spot Dispensary! Get informed from experts on why you should give them a try, plus get insider tips for optimal enjoyment. Join us as we explore what this pioneering company is bringing to the industry – don’t miss out!


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About Sog Army

SOG Army is an indoor, licensed cannabis facility based in Santa Rosa, California. With a strong emphasis on quality, the team at SOG Army is dedicated to growing the finest cannabis using exclusive genetics and traditional market origins. They are legacy growers with deep roots and a passion for the plant.

SOG Army prides itself on implementing groundbreaking methods derived from the frontier of precision agriculture while maintaining the traditional market origins. Their careful curing and hand-trimming processes result in high-quality flower, which is packaged in airtight jars to ensure maximum freshness.

Using the Dutch growing technique, Sea of Green (SOG), SOG Army has achieved the highest yields per square foot and the quickest crop rotations, resulting in a bigger harvest and faster yields. At SOG Army, the only objective is to provide their customers with the highest quality cannabis products available.


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Feb 24 2023

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