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30% off Skypack + Takeover
30% off Skypack + Takeover

Enjoy 30% off all Skypack this Friday, February 9, and attend a special SkyPack arcade takeover.

Come hang out with Skypack & get a professionally rolled Hash Hole from 3-6 pm in the Arcade at Piner Road

Do you know what a Hash Hole is?

“Potent and flavorful, hash holes are the champagne of pre-rolls for cannabis connoisseurs.” – LA Magazine

A hash hole consists of high-quality flower rolled with hash, such as Live rosin, which is lined down the center of the joint. Its unique donut construction sets it apart from a typical in-fused joint. As your joint burns, a charming little hole forms right in the heart of it, releasing waves of concentrated cannabis oil with every draw. This innovative rolling method takes your smoking experience to a whole new level, intensifying each puff you take. Our fellow enthusiasts with a knack for higher THC find these unique joints irresistible. It’s like a delightful surprise in every smoke. So visit The Sweet Spot Dispensary on Friday, Feb 9, at 3:00 and have SkyPack take you to the land of hash holes.  The magic of rosin-infused joints awaits you! Read more at our blog


30% off SkyPack + Take Over - their logo, the astronaut, floats in space next to clumps of flower Skypack Farms cannabis brand logo

About Skypack

“Hey there! The Sweet Spot dispensary is excited to introduce you to Skypack Farms. These folks are legends, growing top-notch indoor cannabis for brands like Cookies and Sherbinskis. They’ve been in the game since before it was mainstream, meaning they know their stuff.

Skypack Farms is big on quality- Utilizing cutting-edge multi-tier cultivation systems and a meticulously planned rotating weekly harvest schedule, Skypack ensures that every batch of cannabis is grown, harvested, hand-trimmed, and cured to perfection. Their commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their operation, reflecting a deep-rooted devotion to the cannabis culture. And their strain-specific indoor HTE-infused pre-rolls? Absolute game-changers. Think incredible flavors and the kind of quality that makes you go ‘wow.’

Each joint is handcrafted with a super cool Dutch fold at the tip. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference. We chose Skypack Farms for their commitment to excellence and for bringing something special to the table.

So, if you’re looking for an experience that’s a cut above, check out Skypack Farms at The Sweet Spot. Visit or drop by our place. Get ready to elevate your cannabis game!”



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Feb 09 2024


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