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Seven Leaves 20% off + Demo – Rincon Valley
Seven Leaves 20% off + Demo – Rincon Valley

Discover what Seven Leaves brings to the cannabis industry at Sweet Spot Dispensary! You’ll have a chance to explore their products, get any questions you may have answered by experts in the field, and even pick up some tips on how best to enjoy them. Don’t miss out – join us for this eye-opening experience today!

Seven Leave’s Special

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Seven Leaves - 20% off

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About Seven Leaves

Seven Leaves, located in Sacramento, California, has gained a reputation for turning cannabis cultivation into an art form. Their state-of-the-art facility produces high-grade adult-use cannabis that is highly sought after in California. The team at Seven Leaves has dedicated more than a decade to perfecting their cultivation process through non-stop education and technological advancements.

Every plant is meticulously monitored through all stages of growth, with fine-tuned lighting, irrigation, and room conditions, combined with the personal touch of their cultivators. Mature plants form a field of dreams, built on hard work and late nights. Seven Leaves is at the forefront of emerging technologies, using industry-best practices and procedures in their cultivation process.

The team at Seven Leaves prides themselves on their honest growing process and their commitment to consistent quality. They control every phase of production using responsible cultivation practices to ensure that the quality of their final products is always above all else.

No detail is too small for Seven Leaves. They are diligent in the care of their plants from start to finish, hand trimming, sorting, and packaging all of their flower on-site. Their hand-trimmed flower is available in over 300 stores in California, from San Diego to Mt. Shasta.

The result of their meticulous process is some of the most beautiful and impactful products on the market today. Every member of the Seven Leaves team dedicates themselves to creating top-shelf quality cannabis that leaves their consumers craving more.


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Aug 08 2023


The Sweet Spot - Rincon Valley
4880 Sonoma Hwy, Santa Rosa, 95409, California

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