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SelfBaked – 1/20
SelfBaked – 1/20

Visit the Sweet Spot Dispensary and join us as we demonstrate SelfBaked’s amazing cannabis butter. Discover how this incredible company is revolutionizing the cannabis edible experience and making it possible for people to bake their own cannabis cookies. Find out why you should trust Selfbaked, learn the basics of baking with cannabis, get answers to all your questions, and discover top tips for enjoying these delicious products. See you there!

SelfBaked Cannabis Cookies
SelfBaked Cannabis Cookies


SelfBaked is revolutionizing the cannabis edible experience! The new Sonoma and Los Angeles-based company offers a convenient Take ‘N Bake dry mix and baking tray that makes it easy for people to enjoy flavorful edibles infused with THC. Forgo the long, messy process of making cannabis edibles with SelfBaked. With their product, everyone can make mouthwatering delectables that are perfectly dosed every time. The flavor is essential, so this innovative solution ensures you get to savor the deliciousness of cannabis treats without the guesswork.

Selfbaked Cannabis Butter
Selfbaked Cannabis Butter

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4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Jan 20 2023

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