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Puff Demonstration 1/5
Puff Demonstration 1/5

Swing by the Sweet Spot Dispensary to check out Puff’s range of cannabis products! See what they’re doing in the industry and learn why you should give them a try. Ask any questions and pick up tips on how to enjoy these offerings. Don’t miss it!

Puff Prerolls
Puff Prerolls

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Puff makes Top Notch, ready-to-consume cannabis products from the highest quality strains. They cultivate their flowers on 40 acres of prime valley for supreme quality. From slow curing to fine-sifting flower batches, every step is taken to preserve full flavor and terpene profiles. Enjoy the good life with Puff’s pre-rolls!


11:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Jan 05 2023

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