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Pearl Pharma Demo + BOGO – Piner Rd
Pearl Pharma Demo + BOGO – Piner Rd

Visit us for a demonstration of Pearl Pharma’s unique cannabis offerings. Learn what this company is doing in the cannabis industry and why you should try their Products. Get your questions answered and learn tips on how to enjoy these products. See you there!

Pearl Pharma Special

BOGO Pre-Roll Packs

Buy One, Get One during demonstration
Buy One, Get One during demonstration


Pearl Pharma worker tends to cannabis flower
Pearl Pharma worker tends to cannabis flower

About Pearl Pharma

Pearl Pharma is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cannabis consumption. Their meticulously crafted flowers feature rich and decadent flavor profiles from densely resinous buds, ideal for social gatherings, athletic recovery, and relaxing alone.

The story starts with Pearl Pharma’s founders falling in love with growing marijuana back in 1998. Their mission was to bring the best flower on the Prop215 market for medical marijuana patients. After years of experimentation and research – including some losses along the way – they refined an exquisite menu of cannabis boasting remarkable aromas, flavors, and potency.

To ensure top-notch quality control, Pearl Pharma operates an advanced indoor garden where its flowers receive optimum care. Genetics come from a secret stash handed to the founding team, studied to create robust cannabinoid/terpene profiles. They also source strains from renowned seed banks like Karma Genetics, Sin City Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Crockett Family Farm to guarantee the highest-grade product.


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Sep 06 2023


The Sweet Spot - Piner Road
925 Piner Road

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