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NEW Roach Disposable Live Resin
NEW Roach Disposable Live Resin

Welcome Roach to the Sweet spot


About Roach

Roach® is a dope cannabis brand straight out of Los Angeles, famous for its innovative, oh-so-tiny design and the killer high-quality live resin in all its gear. They’re the OGs of the pocket vape—we’re talking fitting in the 5th pocket of the smallest jeans you’ve got. Roach has been flipping the live resin game on its head for a decade, blending LA streetwear vibes with top-notch functionality.

Roach devices are built to give you an unreal vaping experience. They’re compact enough to disappear in your hand and come in a sleek matte black design that’s all about style and stealth. We’re all about purity, flavor, and those wild exotic strains, making sure you get the smoothest, hardest-hitting draws every time.

The all-in-one collection hits hard with a mix of high-quality Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa strains, all loaded with premium live resin. These THC oils deliver the most flavorful rips from the tiniest devices out there, perfect for making epic memories with your crew or keeping it on the down low with a nearly undetectable device. Level up your vaping game with Roach, where style, strength, and flavor collide to give you a whole new vibe.



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