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NEW BRAND – Nameless
NEW BRAND – Nameless

Get to know the brand that has no name. They are all about that dank weed. So much so that they tout their signature wellness OG strain. Learn more below.


About Nameless

In 2009, a mysterious group with years of experience growing exceptional cannabis in the Los Angeles area cultivated a crop of OG so remarkable it was named Nameless OG™ because no words could capture its richness. Over the years, this Nameless OG™ spread across Los Angeles County and was embraced by The W.E.E.D (Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary) in Studio City, CA, where it was dubbed “Wellness OG” as the only OG worthy of their name.

By 2013, the lead grower of the Nameless Posse discovered an OG strain that reportedly tested at 31% THC. The team meticulously bred this strain until they achieved their goal of marijuana excellence. Renamed Nameless Genetics®, the group introduced their flower as Mega Wellness OG®. Today, Mega Wellness OG® is recognized as one of the finest strains of flower and concentrates worldwide.

Nameless Genetics® aims to redefine high-end cannabis by offering only the highest quality flowers, concentrates, and solventless extracts. With over 75 awards to their name, Nameless Genetics® has demonstrated a relentless pursuit of excellence in their cultivation. The dedicated team at Nameless Genetics® hopes that their commitment to quality, alongside continuous experimentation and innovation, will continue to produce cannabis that appeals to a diverse range of tastes.


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Jul 12 2024

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