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Buy One, Get one 50% off
Buy One, Get one 50% off

At the Sweet Spot, we celebrate the art of cannabis with nothing but the best. Today, we’re thrilled to bring back a fan favorite, Maven, a brand embodying the essence of premium cannabis.


As a special welcome home to Maven, Buy any Maven and get one 50% off from May 24- June 7

*BOGO Deal applied in store at the time of pick up

About Maven

Maven was founded with one goal in mind: to breed and cultivate rare and exotic indoor cannabis of the highest caliber. Driven by an absolute passion for the flower, Maven is dedicated to sparking innovation and craftsmanship in every step of the process. They believe that everyone who seeks more from cannabis is a connoisseur, an enthusiast, and a true Maven.

“We are enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and perfectionists who live by the core values that drive our industry:
freedom, well-being, and authenticity.
Our product line is curated to elevate our customer’s lives, to make every experience unforgettable. “

Imagine indulging in rich, aromatic strains that transport you to a world where relaxation meets inspiration. Maven cultivates each plant with meticulous care, focusing on quality and potency, ensuring an extraordinary experience in every puff.

Maven created a Research & Development Line for testing their latest strains with their community of experts and connoisseurs. This has become an integral part of their exclusive Pheno hunting process. By integrating consumer testing and feedback, Maven decides which phenotypes will be chosen for production as part of their next Seasonal Collection.

Customers rave about the smooth, flavorful hits that Maven provides, making it their go-to choice for both recreational and medicinal use. With a variety of strains to suit every preference, from calming indicas to uplifting sativas, Maven is crafted for those who seek a truly elevated experience.

One of their crown jewels is the Shangri-la strain, an impressive Indica-dominant hybrid born from a harmonious fusion of Opal and Paradiso #11. Shangri-la features mountainous buds in captivating tones of lush forest green and royal violet, set against a backdrop of pure white snow-like trichomes. Its delicate floral aromas, luscious fruit notes, and symphony of tart, candied flavors create a sensory voyage unlike any other. Get it at the Sweet Spot while supplies last!

Step into The Sweet Spot and discover Maven today. Let’s journey together into a realm of endless possibilities and pure enjoyment.


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May 24 2024 - Jun 07 2024


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