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Jetty Concentrates – Buy one, get one – SOLD OUT
Jetty Concentrates – Buy one, get one – SOLD OUT

We’re Sorry, this deal is sold out. Shop our other 710 deals

Our 7/10 Event is already off to a good start with some early Jetty concentrate deals. This is a brand new product for our store and we are excited to introduce it to you with a great deal for any dabber shopping for a new rosin from a standout brand.


Buy any Jetty Concentrate, get one for $1 from  7/4 through 7/10

*Discount applied in-store at the time of pick up

Buy any Jetty concentrate, get one for $1 - 7/4 through 7/10 picture of a Jetty extract with a pink and yellow background

About Jetty

“Meet Jetty Extracts: The Vibrant Star of the Cannabis Galaxy

In the sunny realms of San Diego, California, a seed was planted in 2013 that quickly grew into a potent force in the cannabis cosmos – Jetty Extracts. This pioneering brand has rapidly spread its roots, reaching out from its home base to touch Colorado and New York with its vibrant array of products.

Jetty Extracts’ core purpose is beautifully simple yet profoundly powerful: they strive to create outstanding cannabis products that enhance well-being and infuse life with joy. Their unwavering dedication to this mission shines through in their relentless quest for the finest extracts. It’s a journey that has seen them blaze new trails, particularly with their introduction of solventless extraction for vapes and debut of vapes free from cutting agents. Their pursuit of quality also earned them the coveted OCal certification, essentially the gold standard for organic cannabis products in California.

But at Jetty Extracts, it’s not just about crafting excellent products; it’s also about creating a positive impact. Their Shelter Project, launched in 2013, embodies this ethos, offering support to over 1,000 Compassionate Care patients in California and generously donating products worth over $1 million. They further underline their commitment to making a difference through their unique initiative of releasing up to three Community Impact Strains annually, with a portion of the sales going to local non-profits. A shining example of this is their Pride strain, “Reckless Rainbow”, which channels a heartwarming 10% of sales proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Jetty Extracts’ DNA. Their partnership with sun-grown cannabis farms in California, champions of regenerative agriculture, demonstrates their dedication to both environmental and social responsibility. This commitment also extends to their packaging choices, which include recyclable aluminum tins for their infused pre-rolls and recycled materials for their signature wooden mouthpieces.

At the heart of Jetty Extracts are three guiding stars: resilience, craftsmanship, and an adventurous spirit. These values have propelled their exciting journey of growth, leading to expansion into Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and welcoming around 80 new members into their cosmic crew. Yet, despite this growth, the soul of the company remains rooted in its beginnings, with founders Ron Gershoni, Nate Ferguson, and Rob Ferguson continuing to navigate Jetty Extracts towards exciting new frontiers while keeping their promise of delivering products that are pure, purposeful, and positively life-enhancing.”


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Jul 04 - 09 2024


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