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Halara Demonstration
Halara Demonstration

Come check out this unique offering by Halara who will be demonstrating their products to the Sweet Spot customers. They love sharing their story about how they started crafting the highest quality cannabis products in a college study lounge with a fateful joke about extracting cannabis. Come learn about their products and impressive journey.

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a hand holding a Halara vaporizer with cannabis plants in the backdrop
a woman holding a Halara vaporizer with cannabis plants in the backdrop

About Halara

Meet Halara, a small team of passionate individuals located in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. Halara is owned and operated by three chemical engineers with the mission to craft premium cannabis cartridges for their local community – backed by an engineering guarantee.

The team at Halara obsesses over the finer details behind every product they produce, beginning with the farming procedures used to harvest the plants and extending to their top-quality hardware paired with their oil. Their goal is that clients of all disciplines will be able to enjoy and elevate their vaping experience with confidence.


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Feb 17 2023

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