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About GoatX

GoatX, a pioneer in the cannabis industry, stands as a symbol of precision craftsmanship and agricultural artistry, producing some of the finest concentrates available today. With a focus on solventless live rosin, GoatX represents the culmination of decades of dedication to refining a process that transforms high-quality cannabis into what many consider a modern masterpiece.

From its inception, GoatX has been driven by a commitment to quality, utilizing fresh frozen techniques to preserve the integrity and potency of trichomes and terpenes. The result is a pristine, solventless live rosin that captures the essence of the plant in its most natural and potent form. GoatX’s product offerings include the acclaimed Wakanda Live Rosin, a blend of Purple Punch and Nigerian Haze, crafted in homage to the mystical world of its fictional namesake. This particular strain offers a majestic escape into euphoria, characterized by a symphony of earthy and sweet fruity notes, leading to an uplifting, cerebral experience complemented by a potent, full-bodied stimulation.

GoatX’s success is built on a foundation of award-winning genetics cultivated in world-renowned locations, which led to notable accolades in 2023 and set a promising trajectory for the 2024 season. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality continues to drive its mission to revolutionize the cannabis experience through its solventless Live Rosin products.

Supporting local farmers in the Emerald Triangle and pioneering new markets, GoatX merges life’s love with work, placing unrivaled quality at the forefront of its priorities. The brand’s ethos and products are celebrated in the cannabis community, marked by hashtags like #GOATXmagic and #greatestofallterps, underscoring its reputation as a leader in delivering gold-standard, solventless flavors.


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