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Dee Thai Gummies Demonstration + BOGO (Piner Road)
Dee Thai Gummies Demonstration + BOGO (Piner Road)

Enjoy a demonstration of Dee Thai cannabis gummies and take home a bogo when you shop during this demonstration.

Buy Dee Thai get 1 pack Jackfruit 10pk at during demonstration at Piner Road

Buy One, Get One during demonstration


About Dee Thai Gummies

In the vibrant heart of Bangkok, a serendipitous journey began. Moved by impulse, Josh Schmidt, the visionary behind DEE, found himself in Thailand. It didn’t take long for him to delve deep into the captivating allure of Thai culture. Josh was entranced from the tantalizing tastes of Thai cuisine to the rhythmic pulse of its streets and markets.

But for Josh, a seasoned pioneer with over two decades in the cannabis industry, there was more to Thailand than just its rich heritage. He saw an opportunity, a confluence of his two great passions: the enchanting world of Thailand and the transformative power of cannabis. Guided by the vividness of tropical fruits and the energy of bustling markets, Dee Thai Cannabis Gummies came into existence.

What makes Dee Thai stand out in a sea of cannabis edibles? It’s their commitment to authenticity and quality. Drawing inspiration from the exotic fruits and vibrant markets unique to tropical Thailand, every gummy promises an unparalleled taste experience. These aren’t just ordinary gummies; they result from exclusive genetic collaborations, fusing rare Thai flavors with premium cannabis genetics in rosin form. Each bite is an invitation to a tropical escapade, a harmonious blend of exotic tastes and superior cannabis genetics.

Behind the magic of Dee Thai is its founder, Josh Schmidt, and his partnership with manufacturing titan, Natura. While living in Bangkok, Josh’s love for Thai culture grew exponentially. He not only embraced the local traditions, food, and markets but envisioned blending this love with his longstanding expertise in cannabis. The result? Dee Thai Cannabis Gummies – a pioneering venture offering the world its first and most authentic Thai cannabis experience.

So, if you want to elevate your cannabis journey with a touch of tropical Thailand, look no further than Dee Thai Gummies. Experience the perfect fusion of exotic flavors and unmatched cannabis quality today.


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Sep 23 2023

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