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Country Demonstration 1/26
Country Demonstration 1/26

Visit us at the Sweet Spot Dispensary for a demonstration of cannabis offerings by Country Ranch. Learn how they make cannabis that can help make you more productive. Get your questions answered and learn tips on how to enjoy these products. See you there!

“But cannabis has been getting stronger and stronger over the years, and while low-strength varieties of edibles exist, there has never been anything light to smoke while you work or socialize with friends. Our goal was to create the perfect productive joint – a joint that could help you accomplish an honest day’s work with a smile.”

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About Country

Country has a simple goal: to help individuals win the day with productive, light cannabis. They are proud to introduce the first trustworthy light cannabis joint created with productivity in mind, something that anyone can enjoy, from newcomers to more experienced cannabis enthusiasts.

Crafting their product took many long hours, and they couldn’t have done it alone. They partnered with the best of the best, from growers to the maker of their exclusive flavor-preserving jar and beyond. These partners came on board because they share the Country’s vision to create the perfect great-tasting productive joint.

The country challenges the old narrative about slacker stoners. They celebrate the hard work of all cannabis enthusiasts, from famous luminaries to everyday heroes. They believe in being a good neighbor and are committed to making a positive impact on the world around them, supporting fair wages and environmental causes among other issues that are important to them.


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Jan 26 2023

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