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Cosmic Fog 2/25
Cosmic Fog 2/25

Come to the Sweet Spot Dispensary and join us as we demonstrate all the amazing cannabis offerings from Cosmic Fog. Learn why they are a leader in the industry, what sets them apart from the rest, and why their infamously delicious flavors make them a must-try. Get answers to all of your questions and find out top tips for enjoying these incredible products. See you there!

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Man vaping in a cosmic fog tee shirt
Man vaping in a cosmic fog tee shirt

About Cosmic Fog

Founded in 2013 in sunny southern California, Cosmic Fog has become one of the largest American vapor brands and largest manufacturers of vaping products worldwide. They continue to pioneer industry standards in Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO compliance, advocacy and FDA regulatory landscapes while offering world-renowned flavors, technology, quality and safety standards to cannabis. Their single-sourced cannabis is thoroughly vetted before processing, distillation and packing in-house, resulting in strain-specific flavors with multi-strain blends of live cannabis terpenes for an unforgettable vapor experience.


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Feb 25 2023

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