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Cookies Demonstration 1/19
Cookies Demonstration 1/19

Stop by Sweet Spot Dispensary to explore the world of cannabis with Cookies! Learn all about this pioneering company and their incredible products. Our expert team will be on hand to answer questions, provide advice, and teach you how best to enjoy these amazing offerings. Don’t miss out – join us for an exciting adventure in cannabis today!


Hawaiian Rain

Hawaiian Rain is a cross between London Pound Minntz X Jealousy with an aroma of lavender mint and gassy cake. Patients say this strain gives them a heavy body high with a euphoric cerebral effect.

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About Cookies

Cookies strives to be the gold standard in quality regarding cannabis. With sensational genetics and exclusive strains, they offer an unparalleled smoking experience. Founded by two visionaries─ Jai and Berner─ Cookies is constantly pushing boundaries regarding innovation and high standards. The most iconic of their strains is the award-winning, fan-favorite Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), a global sensation for its unique flavor. Best of all? They have complete control over the entire process from start to finish: from the seed to production and distribution. Try Cookies for yourself and you’ll see why it’s become synonymous with excellence, quality, and taste!


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Jan 19 2023

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