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CBX & Heirbloom BOGO
CBX & Heirbloom BOGO

Buy any CBX or Heirbloom and receive a CBX Concentrate or pre-roll for $1

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Dive into the world of Cannabiotix (CBX), where meticulous cultivation and sustainable farming practices yield award-winning cannabis that’s making waves. Experience the freshness of their hand-trimmed, resin-rich buds, cultivated with love and dedication over two decades. Join us at The Sweet Spot Dispensary to learn about their environmentally conscious journey and discover why discerning dreamer-stoners are raving about these top-tier strains.Shop at Piner Road

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About CBX

Let’s take a trip down the leafy lanes of Southern California and Nevada, where Cannabiotix (CBX), a boutique cannabis company, sprouted its roots in 2014. Built on the shared dreams of cultivators Neema and JB, it’s now lovingly tended by Samari and Eran Haroni. Their goal? To deliver nothing short of exceptional cannabis to friends, family, and folks like you!

CBX is a real green-thumbed champ when it comes to cultivation methods. They’re all about natural, sustainable farming, producing PGR-free, award-winning cannabis that would make Mother Nature proud. With a wealth of experience under their belts, they keep detailed records to optimize each strain’s growth. It’s like having a personal trainer for each plant!

Harvest time at CBX is a sight to behold. They focus on preserving trichomes, drying flowers in complete darkness, and hand-trimming with a unique technique to ensure each bud is brimming with resin. Even their packaging process is a labor of love. Every flower is hand-sorted and weighed, guaranteeing top-notch quality. Smaller buds? They get VIP treatment too, rolled into 100% flower pre-roll joints.

Freshness is king at CBX. From harvest to your hands, they’ve invested in R&D to ensure their containers are as airtight as a drummer’s solo, maintaining optimal conditions for their products. And speaking of R&D, they’ve spent over two decades collecting a cocktail of old school and new school cannabis genetics, creating exclusive in-house cultivars, and testing them rigorously before production.

But it’s not all about the green for CBX. They’re environmentally conscious too, minimizing their carbon footprint by utilizing off-peak electrical hours and employing an advanced reclaimed water filtration system. It’s so efficient; it produces up to 9,500 gallons a day from condensate water. That’s enough to fill a small lake!

So, what are you waiting for? The Sweet Spot Dispensary invites you to try this wonderful brand today!


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Feb 01 2024


The Sweet Spot - Rincon Valley
4880 Sonoma Hwy, Santa Rosa, 95409, California

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