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40% off Cam
40% off Cam

Take 40% off Cam


Always running out of that good weed? We got you! You can take 40% off Cam’s big format packs too. We got 14 Grams on strains like Georgia Pie X Zkittles, Biscotti, Dosi Kush and Nine Lions. Stop in and grab the best deal on flower, 14 grams only $84!

About Cam

The Sweet Spot Dispensary proudly presents California Artisanal Medicine (CAM), a trailblazing cannabis brand that puts “Compassion” at the heart of all they do. CAM’s passion for the healing power of cannabis is deeply ingrained, and their mission is to share this amazing plant with as many people as possible, always ensuring top-notch quality. Imagine a friend who always delivers premium quality cannabis with a smile—that’s CAM.

CAM dreams of a world where cannabis and other natural remedies aren’t just easily available—they’re embraced by society and protected by law. They’re not just dreamers, though. They’re advocates, fighting for cannabis to be recognized and regulated to the same high standards as any other form of care.

At CAM, they see cannabis as more than just an alternative to traditional medicine—it’s a lifeline. They celebrate the incredible potential of cannabis as a source of relief for those battling critical and chronic illnesses. Their enthusiasm and dedication are infectious, making you believe in the power of cannabis too. With each puff, testimonial, and success story, CAM continues to captivate and engage us all, proving that the future of cannabis is here—and it’s exciting.

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From Cam

HERE AT CAM WE LOVE CANNABIS! We always have and always will. We are infatuated with the sparkle of a gorgeously mature bud, and the hints of grape and melon in a perfectly cured flower. The neroli notes of a rare skunk variety and the gas and burning rubber notes in our OG’s.
Working with cannabis is a wonderful alchemy of climate, genetics, patience, and sometimes even luck.
CAM has been our life and passion for nearly two decades. We take pride in being woman-owned and grown since 2009. We understand the privilege we have being around this plant on a daily basis.
Every morning we walk into our gardens we are reminded of how lucky we are to learn something new from each harvest.
It’s all about inspiration and repetition.
CAMS mantra has always been “You are only as good as your last round.” Words we have continued to live by since day one.
We hope you enjoy the flowers just as much as we enjoyed



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