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American Weed Co. Demo – Rincon Valley
American Weed Co. Demo – Rincon Valley

Join us at the Sweet Spot Dispensary for an exciting showcase of American Weed Co. Discover what this innovative company is doing in the cannabis industry and why their products are worth trying. Meet the team behind American Weed Co and get your questions answered by the experts. Learn tips and tricks on how to enjoy these products to the fullest. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn more about American Weed Co. and its offerings. See you at the Sweet Spot Dispensary!

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About American Weed Co.

American Weed Company, the self-proclaimed “most ‘badass’ brand in cannabis,” American-grown and veteran-owned, the company’s mission is to legalize weed for veterans nationwide.

The product lines take inspiration from legendary military units from WW2: Devil’s Dawn, Bombed Buzz, and Armored Angel. Co-founder and Co-CEO Ryan Brooks, an Academy Award-winning producer, said, “We want to make it easy for people, so we created distinct brand identities for each product as well as a low and high THC version. We heard the same thing over and over. Buying weed is confusing, especially for a new consumer. Our goal is to give customers the same products with the same taste, smell, and effect. Every. Single. Time.”

The team believes that by focusing on keeping it simple, customers will build trust in American Weed Co products and with their partner dispensaries and delivery services. As a member of the National Cannabis Roundtable, a federal bipartisan lobbying effort to modernize cannabis policy nationwide, American Weed Co is the first cannabis company in the country focused on legalizing cannabis for every veteran.

In keeping with their commitment to veterans, American Weed Co will be donating up to 10% of their net profits per year to Stop Soldier Suicide.


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


May 17 2023


The Sweet Spot - Rincon Valley
4880 Sonoma Hwy, Santa Rosa, 95409, California

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