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50% Off Selfies

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About Selfies

Selfies has revolutionized the cannabis experience with the creation of the first functional, fashionable mini joints. Launched in October 2017 in California, Selfies was born from a simple yet transformative idea: to craft a joint that doesn’t need to be put out, relit, or wasted after just a few puffs. Designed for on-the-go lifestyles, these mini joints fit seamlessly into daily life without cramping your style.


Selfies believes life is better in fun-sized moments. By presenting cannabis in a shareable, pocket-friendly format, they create more opportunities for you to spark joy and elevate everyday experiences. The packaging is as bold and unapologetically vibrant as the enjoyment cannabis brings, encouraging everyone to #shareSELFIES!


Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, home to some of America’s finest cannabis cultivators, Selfies is a proud creation of Heshies, a parent company dedicated to producing top-quality cannabis products for specialty retailers and brands. Kristen and Chad Heschong, the visionary founders behind Heshies, introduced Selfies as their flagship brand, bringing their passion and expertise to every meticulously crafted mini joint.

Take 50% off Selfies every Friday



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