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50% Off Jeeter – Piner Road
50% Off Jeeter – Piner Road

Popular cannabis maker, Jeeter is more than just a top-tier cannabis brand; Jeeter combines impeccable product quality with immersive real-world experiences and cultural events. Rooted deeply in a culture of love, passion, and innovation, every Jeeter product promises a unique journey for its users. And now, for those ready to embark on this unparalleled cannabis adventure, there’s fantastic news: Sweet Spot Dispensary offers an incredible 50% off on Jeeter products. Dive into the world of Jeeter at your favorite Sweet Spot.

Special Details

50% off all Jeeter every Monday and Thursday at the Sweet Spot Dispensary

  • Monday at Rincon Valley
  • Thursday at Piner Road

Product - Jeeter Juice - Liquid Diamonds - Maui Wowie
Product – Jeeter Juice – Liquid Diamonds – Maui Wowie

About Jeeter

Jeeter is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the finest cannabis lifestyle that America has to offer. Originating as a top-tier cannabis brand in the U.S., Jeeter has evolved into a holistic lifestyle entity, curating not only premium products but also immersive experiences and cultural events. With a core rooted in love, passion, and innovation, Jeeter’s ethos resonates in every product, from the high-potency Jeeter Juice Carts in California to the power-packed Infused joints. Their commitment to branding mirrors a blend of historical, contemporary, and future pop culture, ensuring that every consumer finds a piece of themselves in Jeeter’s offerings. For those seeking the pinnacle of cannabis indulgence, Jeeter’s collaborations with the best industry operators guarantee innovation, efficiency, and growth. For a firsthand experience of this unparalleled brand, head to the Sweet Spot Dispensary in Santa Rosa, where the essence of Jeeter awaits every cannabis connoisseur.


All Day


Oct 05 2023


The Sweet Spot - Piner Road
925 Piner Road


A taste of some of the products you can expect to learn about at our upcoming demonstrations.

Lost Farm Blood Orange Indica Edible Cannabis



Lost Farm

Blood Orange (100mg)

Puff Chill Granddaddy-Purple-Preroll Indica Cannabis Product




Granddaddy Purple

Emerald Sky Tropical Mango - Hybrid-Edible Cannabis Product



Emerald Sky

Tropical Mango (100mg)

Daze Off Pineapple-Trainwreck - Sativa Flower Cannabis Product



Daze Off

Pineapple Trainwreck

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