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40% off Uncle Arnies
40% off Uncle Arnies

Introducing the Long Weekend at Uncle Arnies!  Take 40% off every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and ease into your vacation life with your favorite uncle!

Arnie’s Vibe

Uncle Arnies is made up of OG cannabis experts who create top-notch products that are easy on the wallet and strong enough to get you lifted. They imagined an uncle who always knows how to bring the fun—one who cares about his buddies, loves good times, and helps everyone manifest good positive energy when they need it most.

Every day, the crew at Uncle Arnie’s is on a mission to deliver the kind of experience that Uncle Arnie would be proud of. The result? Unforgettable cannabis products at prices that won’t harsh your mellow—and making sure the journey is all about having fun every step of the way.

Legendary Products

For over a year they, they rocked the best-selling cannabis drink in California with the iconic 100mg Iced Tea Lemonade and now Uncle Arnie is spreading the love with more flavors and products that you can find at the Sweet Spot Dispensary.

THC Tech Magic

Arnie’s got the lowdown on THC tech and brings that magic into all his creations. Using a process called sonication, Arnie breaks down THC into tiny particles, making it easier and faster for your body to absorb. The result? A smoother, better high.

So come along with Arnie on a trip you won’t forget. All aboard Uncle Arnie’s Magic Bus!

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