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40% off Moods

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Mööds High Spray! Try all three flavors at the Sweet Spot and get them 40% off every Monday!

What is Mööds?

Mӧӧds is a cannabis-infused sublingual aerosol spray that leverages pharmaceutical-grade technology to provide accurate, safe, and clean cannabis delivery. Sublingual administration (under the tongue) has maximal absorption and bioavailability in as fast as 2 minutes. Each spray of a mӧӧds device provides the same amount of active ingredients every time, giving you maximum control. 

About Moods

Mӧӧds was created to bring the medicinal benefits of cannabis to as many people as possible in the most cost-effective, safest, and accurately dosed device known. Leaving the stigma of cannabis behind, mӧӧds aims to penetrate demographics that haven’t been comfortable with traditional forms of cannabis consumption. Mӧӧds utilizes a variety of major and minor cannabinoids to treat a plethora of ailments. With mildly-dosed devices and fast onset times, consumers of all levels can rest assured they won’t “overdo” it and end up in a world of uncomfortableness and easily achieve their correct level of relief.


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Apr 01 2024

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