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40% off Lime
40% off Lime

Take 40% off Lime cannabis brand

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📍 Rincon Valley – 4-7PM


40% off Lime Cannabis Brand -
40% off Lime Cannabis Brand


About Lime

Lime emerges as the embodiment of choice for cannabis enthusiasts in California. Their fundamental mission is to deliver cannabis in its optimal form – a fusion of premium quality and potent effects, all within a price range that caters to everyone. At Lime, they pride themselves on being a brand that resonates with the people, a commitment evident in their continual evolution, innovative approaches, and diverse array of offerings. More than just a cannabis provider, Lime aspires to catalyze community-building through shared consumption experiences.  Lime isn’t merely a brand; it’s a lifestyle, a shared venture that brings people together through the enjoyment of high-quality cannabis crafted with precision and care.


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Mar 14 2024


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