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The Farmer and the Felon: Crafting Quality Cannabis with a Cause

In the sun-kissed valleys of California, where the cannabis culture has deep roots and a storied past, two pioneers are redefining what it means to be a cultivator and an advocate. This is the story of the Farmer and the Felon, a brand that’s not only synonymous with quality cannabis but is also committed to correcting the wrongs of a bygone era when the plant was yet to be understood and accepted.

The Craft Behind the Cannabis

It all began with two men, Ned Fussell and Dennis Hunter, whose lives were intertwined by their love for cannabis, innovation, and justice. They saw beyond the stigma, envisioning a world where the plant would be appreciated for its myriad benefits. As the co-founders of CannaCraft, one of California’s largest cannabis manufacturers, their mission was clear—to craft premium quality cannabis while paying homage to those who paved the way during its prohibition.

A Commitment to Quality

For these founders, quality isn’t just a buzzword, but a philosophy that extends from the seed to the shelf. Each bud is nurtured with care, employing environmentally sustainable practices that Ned, the Farmer, has perfected over a decade. Their offerings reflect a marriage of tradition and innovation, embraced by the discerning enthusiasts of today’s cannabis culture.

The Defiant Legacy

Their brand is more than its products; it’s also about the message it carries. Dennis, known as the Felon, is no stranger to the cost of defending the cannabis cause. Having faced incarceration for his cultivation efforts before legalization, he brings a perspective that is raw and real. This spirit of rebellion, a nod to the counter-culture from which the cannabis movement sprang, is alive in every leaf they produce.

A Pledge for Change

While the Farmer and the Felon celebrate how far cannabis has come, they recognize the paradox that exists. Some pioneers, much like Dennis once did, languish in cells for what is now a legal and booming industry for others. This is where their partnership with the Last Prisoner Project comes into focus. They are committed to leveraging their platform to help free those wrongfully imprisoned for cannabis offenses and advocate for policies that offer a fair second chance.

Restorative Justice in Action

Their collaboration with the Last Prisoner Project isn’t just symbolic—it’s instrumental in driving policy changes and raising awareness. It’s a call to action for restorative justice, aligning the cannabis industry with its roots of compassion, equality, and a relentless pursuit of fairness.

In Essence and in Action

The Farmer and the Felon are not only offering quality cannabis to their consumers but also a slice of history and a dash of hope. With each purchase, customers aren’t just indulging in fine cannabis; they’re contributing to a larger movement—a movement that’s correcting the injustices of the past to create a more equitable future for all.


The cannabis industry has matured, and with it, our understanding of the plant. Yet, amid this growth, the soul of the cause—the struggle for acceptance and justice—must endure. This commitment is what the Farmer and the Felon stand for. Theirs is a story of triumph, of passion, of unyielding determination to right the wrongs. It’s a legacy built not on the foundation of what cannabis has become, but on what it always was—a beacon of hope.


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Mar 08 2024

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