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Early Burn – 30% off Timeless
Early Burn – 30% off Timeless

Take 30% off all Timeless 

*While supplies last. ** Deal applied at pick-up

Why Timeless?

Timeless is renowned for its artful approach to vaping. It offers delicious, mood-based cannabis cartridges beautifully packaged, great giveaways, and limited edition artist-crafted vape cases. Plus, with our long-running deal, “30% off Timeless Tuesday,” you will always be well-stocked at the Sweet Spot Dispensary.

Why do I need a Timeless Specific battery?

You might be thinking, “I thought I could use any vape for Timeless?” Technically, you can use any 510 universal vape pen for a long list of vape brands out there. But Timeless is committed to giving you a quality vaping experience and specifically crafts their vape batteries for their cartridges.  They only use high-quality materials and precisely tune them for the right amount of heat, so you can get the best experience from their products and the best high too. Oh, and they look great! So this weekend, take 30% off and get a custom Timeless Vape pen and carrying case with your Timeless purchase. Tokes!

Timeless Vaporizers displayed with yellow, purple and green cases exploding from the their branded packaging


All About Timeless

Timeless: An Artful Journey in Cannabis Culture

Unveiling a radiant chapter in the cannabis world, Timeless is the embodiment of community engagement and industry connectivity. This brand is more than just a purveyor of cannabis products; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of community, culture, and legacy.

At Timeless, every endeavor is an opportunity to collaborate, to engage, and to enrich the cannabis industry. Their ethos is grounded in the belief that the strength of a community lies in its unity. This is why they’ve always championed local businesses, artists, charities, and dispensary partners, supporting movements that align with their vision for a better world.

One of their signature creations, the Flip Case & Battery Combo, is a testament to this commitment. The flip case, designed to keep your Timeless battery safe, clean, and functioning efficiently, doubles as a discreet tool for enjoying Timeless products.

Their half-gram and full-gram batteries are breath-actuated, sleek, and user-friendly, requiring no button pressing or setting adjustments. Rechargeable via USB, these batteries feature a CCELL ceramic heating element that ensures an even burn at lower temperatures, delivering a smooth hit every time.

But what makes this combo truly timeless is its artistic appeal. Both the flip-case and battery serve as blank canvases that showcase the brand’s identity through art, transforming functional tools into expressive masterpieces that continue the Timeless legacy.

Art, community, culture, and sports form the cornerstone of Timeless. It’s a brand that doesn’t just sell products; it creates unique experiences and cultivates partnerships. Timeless is committed to working with local artists, businesses, charities, and partners, supporting movements that impact the cannabis industry and the world positively. In essence, Timeless is not just a brand but a celebration of community spirit, cultural heritage, and artistic expression, all bound by the shared love for cannabis.


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