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30% off All Camino
30% off All Camino

We are celebrating with Camino this week! The Camino line of products is specially formulated to cater to your desired mood. Pick up a few Camino flavors during the 30% off sale this week and enjoy the adventure of finding your sweet spot.


30% off all Camino products – January 8-12

So, what makes Camino so great?

Camino offers something for everyone, no matter your preference, tolerance level, or the occasion. The vast collection of Camino edibles features an array of terpene-infused effects and delightful fruit flavors. This includes options like sativa gummies, hybrid gummies, and indica gummies. We’re confident that you’ll find your ideal ‘sweet spot within this diverse range.’

Camino focuses heavily on getting cannabinoid ratios just right for the desired effects.  Ratios are crucial for cannabis users, providing insight into the balance of compounds in a product. For example, a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio indicates equal amounts of THC and CBD, whereas a 10:1 ratio suggests a higher THC concentration. These ratios guide you in anticipating the effects of the product. Camino’s dedication to transparency takes this a step further by clearly indicating the exact THC mg to CBD mg on the packaging, making it a breeze to comprehend the product and its potential effects.

Every Camino product has a detailed description of the expected effects and the precise mg content to help you decipher the right dosage.

It’s worth noting that many cannabis products focus solely on the potent effects of THC and contain little to no CBD, like Camino’s “Chill Black Cherry,” which is from an Indica strain and boasts 10mg of pure THC per serving. In such cases, you’ll only see the amount of THC per serving. Additionally, in lieu of CBD, other cannabinoids might be added for an alternative feeling. THCV is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in Sativa strains. It imparts a motivated, alert, and energizing euphoria and can be found in Camino’s popular “Focus, Green Apple” containing 5 mg of THC and 2mg of THCV.

Ratios tell a story, and Camino is a master at telling stories – look at their packaging. Pick up a few flavors from Camino this week during the 30% off sale and enjoy the adventure of finding your sweet spot.


Camino Products displayed on blue backdrop - "30% off All Camino, January8-12"
Camino Products displayed on blue backdrop – “30% off All Camino, January8-12”


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