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The Shop: Get 3 grams for $25
The Shop: Get 3 grams for $25

Take 25% off Everyday

At the Sweet Spot, you get 25% off the Shop every day.

710 Deal

Dab this… On Terpy Tuesday AND 710  you can combine our everyday 25% off The Shop deal with a special Buy Two, Get one offer.  That’s 3 Grams for $25 – No limits.

Details: Take 25% off The Shop. Plus, on 7/9 and 7/10 we are combining a special offer: when you buy two grams, get a third for $1. That’s 25 for three grams of The Shop! (Normally $48) Please note, suggested price marked does not include taxes.

About the Shop

“The Shop” is renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, a trait that inspired its name. The brand mirrors the meticulousness of a skilled artisan, infusing passion and expertise into every facet of its operations. This dedication is prominently showcased in the quality of their products, reflecting a perfect blend of passion and excellence.

Central to “The Shop’s” philosophy is “The Lab”, where a revolutionary approach to oil-making is employed. Their proprietary methods, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, allow them to redefine the limits of cannabis extraction. By embracing advanced technology, “The Shop” effectively harnesses the full potential of the cannabis plant, setting new industry benchmarks.

Furthermore, “The Shop’s” excellence extends to “The Farms”. Here, their talent for identifying the finest cultivars is unparalleled. This almost intuitive ability enables them to pinpoint rare and exceptional strains, further enhancing their product range. Their continuous drive for perfection not only elevates their own standards but also aims to redefine those of the industry as a whole.


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Jul 09 - 10 2024

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