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30% off A Golden State
30% off A Golden State

30% off A Golden State


Exploring A Golden State:

Explore a new realm of cannabis that transcends the boundaries of traditional use, where indulgence meets elegance, and A Golden State becomes not just a brand or place, but a state of mind.

In the heart of Northern California, nestled amidst the Cascade Mountains, lies a cannabis haven unlike any other. A Golden State isn’t just a brand—it’s a sanctuary where tradition meets innovation, and indulgence converges with elegance.

A Legacy Rooted in Nature

What began as a humble venture has flourished into a pioneering force in California’s cannabis scene. A Golden State prides itself on cultivating the highest quality cannabis flower, nurtured by the pristine waters of Mount Shasta snowmelt. This volcanic terrain yields a mineral-rich water source, fostering an environment where cannabis thrives, untouched by pollutants.

Exclusive Strains, Exceptional Quality

At the core of A Golden State’s success lies their proprietary genetics, meticulously crafted over a decade of deliberate breeding and cultivation. Their exclusive strains boast unique profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes, setting them apart in a crowded market. The journey from seed to harvest is a meticulous one at A Golden State. When selecting strains, they adhere to a seven-step process that ensures precision and excellence.

  1. Node Structure & Spacing: Careful attention to where branches meet the stem and the spacing between nodes.
  2. Uniform Canopy Growth: Each plant is strategically positioned for optimal growth.
  3. Cannabinoid Content & Terpene Profile: Crafting distinct flavors and therapeutic benefits.
  4. Yield: Maximizing harvest yields while maintaining quality.
  5. Crystallization & Shine: A testament to the potency and purity of their products.
  6. Flower Structure & Density: Denser buds signify top-tier quality and potency.
  7. Aroma, Smokability & Flavor: The entourage effect of cannabinoids and terpenes creates a sensory experience like no other.

Championing Sustainability

Beyond crafting exceptional cannabis, A Golden State is committed to preserving the planet. Their cultivation facility is carbon-neutral, powered entirely by sustainable energy sources like hydroelectric power. They prioritize recyclable packaging and ethically sourced materials, ensuring their environmental footprint remains minimal.

Global Impact, Local Commitment

A Golden State isn’t just about cannabis—it’s about making a difference. Through partnerships with organizations like the ACLU SoCal and Shades of Pink Foundation, they champion social justice causes, from voter rights to breast cancer awareness. Their dedication extends globally, supporting relief efforts in regions like Ukraine and initiatives like tree planting in India, Kenya, and Uganda.

Diversity and Inclusivity

It starts from the top – The company is minority-owned and predominantly female run with a dedicated to advancing minority and gender equality initiatives whenever possible.



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Jun 15 - 16 2024

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