Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA
Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA
Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA
Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA
Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa's Sweetest spot for cannabis

Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA
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Two Great Locations, Two Great Spots to shop Cannabis in Santa Rosa

Sonoma County’s Premier cannabis dispensary in Santa Rosa. We proudly offer our clients online shopping and pick-up for all your cannabis needs.

Rincon Valley

Piner Road

Illustrated Map of Santa Rosa showing the destinations for both sweet spot locations

We take pride in the products and service we offer

Our staff is constantly on the look out for top quality and innovative brands. We sell quality cannabis ranging from flower, pre-rolls, and an array of edibles such as gummies and delicious beverages. You can find these wonderful treats available for purchase in our dispensaries or online. We take pride in bringing you an exceptional service with a fun and inviting customer experience. 


We are constantly adding to our quality brands and products with featured marijuana flower, vaporizers, prerolls, and edibles. These features are just a few highlights from our team.

Happy Hours

Shop the Sweet Spot between the hours of 9 am and 11 am and 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm and enjoy 25% off your order, every day

The Morning Bake off - 25% off everything
Evening Special - Party Time - 25% from 7:30-8:30

Discover New Cannabis Brands and Events

Come and learn about cannabis brands and events happening at the Sweet Spot Dispensary in Santa Rosa, California. 

Ask Our Team

Our cannabis dispensary is staffed with hard-working budtenders, available to answer your questions about recreational use and medical use marijuana.

We can make product recommendations that help uplift, calm down or get a better night sleep.

We can teach you about THC, potency, strains, Indica and Sativa.

Visit our shop

Stop into our cannabis shop in Santa Rosa, California to speak directly with a budtender.

Give us a call

Browse our online menu at your convenience and call us with any questions that come up.

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